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Laur ja Pojad Ltd was founded in year 2002 and owns sawmill and planing mill in Estonia, Tartu county. We produce all the necessary building materials from wood logs up to the finished lumber. Our produced wood materials are used by our partners in Estonia and countries across the Europe.


Teenus - Saagimine - Laur ja Pojad


We can cut wood logs to sawn timber. For this we have a sawmill, which can cut any wood type to sawn timber with required cross-section.

Teenus - Splittimine - Laur ja Pojad


We have a large band saw, which can cut sawn timber to necessary dimensions with minimal loss.

Teenus - Hööveldamine - Laur ja Pojad


We plane sawn timber for decking boards, flooring boards, weatherboards and many more planed boards. Check out our profiles in the product page.

Teenus - Värvimine ja immutamine - Laur ja Pojad

Painting and Impregnation

We offer primer coating and painting services for weatherboards and sawn and planed timber.

Teenus - Transport - Laur ja Pojad


We offer transportation service with a van or a truck, which has forklift to unload the goods on the spot.

Our Work

Tehtud Tööd - Toom-Kuninga 12 - 3

Toom-Kuninga 12

Apartment building at Toom-Kuninga 12, Tallinn, Estonia.

Lõokese 5 Ringmaja - Pilt 1

Lõokese Circular house

Lõokese Circular house, Lõokese 5, Kristiine, Tallinn, Estonia.

Developer: Endover Kinnisvara, Built: Metropoli Ehitus, Wood material: Laur ja Pojad OÜ.



Production +372 505 3691
Estonia, Tartu county, Kastre parish, Mõra village, 62117