Painted exterior wall panels

We offer a wide range of painted weatherboards, without any color restrictions. Product is available in smooth planed and rough sawn surfaces. Advantages of rough sawn surface are that color remain better on the weatherboard surface and paint does NOT flake so easily compared to smooth planed surface. Additionally we recommend board to be primer coated then painted, so the board last longer. Primer coated and painted wood also protects the board from rain, sun and dust.

Benefits of industrial painting:

  • Cheaper price.
  • Can be painted on the surface with the optimal thickness of a layer, which provides better quality and durability.
  • After wood planing primed timber absorbs better primer coat than long time stood planed timber.
  • When installing you do NOT have to consider the weather conditions.

Color layers:

  • Primed/undercoated
  • Primed and one layer of color
  • Primed and two layers of color

What colors can I choose?

We have no restrictions. You can choose color form your local hardware store or from your paint manufacturer color charts. It is important to us that you give us color code and name of the manufacturer.

How to order?

First go to exterior wall panels page and pick a profile. Then length, surface, dimension, quantity and lastly color code and manufacturer. When you have made your choice, enter the information to price inquiry form then send it.

Price inquiry