We can cut wood logs to sawn timber. For this we have a sawmill, which can cut any wood type to sawn timber with required cross-section.


We have a large band saw, which can cut sawn timber to half with minimal loss. With this device we can do groundwork for the production of high-quality sawn surface weatherboards.


We can plane wood for floorboards, weatherboards and other desired boards. As extra service we can offer material adjusting and splitting. For larger orders we can create custom blades for new profiles. Additional services are sorting and packaging.

Painting and Impregnation

We offer primer coating and painting services for weatherboards and sawn and planed timber. Additionally you can get your boards fireproof impregnated. For painting we use Teknos, Tikkurilla and Akzo Nobel colors.


We offer transportation service across the Estonia. We have van and a truck, which has forklift to unload the goods. On site we rent 3 meeter car trailer.

Price depend on wood type, quantity and complexity of the work. For further questions be sure to contact us.